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Name: Expedition








Expedition: 4.40 mtrs Single Sit In Recreational Kayak
L:4.40mtrs; W:0.63mtrs; H:0.34mtrs
Max weight Capacity: 135kgs

Expedition: ★★★★★
Ocean: ★★★★★
Beach: ★★★★★
Flat water: ★★★★★
Easy white water: ★★★★
White Water:
Surfing:   ★★★
Speed: ★★★★★

The Expedition from Winner Kayaks is a perfect kayak for paddlers looking to explore the waters around them for more than an hour or two. The Expedition is designed to do exactly what the name implies; take you off to new and exciting destinations.  With storage capacity for several days worth of gear this boat is great for weekend getaways or picnics on a remote beach. The hull is designed with enough length to track well and move through the water with efficiency, but also enough width and forgiving chines to allow paddlers of all skill levels to feel completely at home from the first time they get into their kayak.

The Expedition is a versatile, stable, comfortable kayak that is designed for adventures great and small. Its quality construction and thoughtful outfitting ensure that this is a kayak that you will enjoy paddling for years to come.

Standard equipment:
plastic seat
soft cushion(bottom)
back rest
2 water proof hatch covers made by EPDM rubber
water proof twist lock hatch cover
elastic cord
plastic rudder with adjustable footrest steering system or aluminium rudder with NEW adjustable footrest steering system.

Optional Accessories:
spray deck
life jacket
thigh brace
paddle rope
inflatable backrest


Container Capacity:
20ft-30pcs(1.0x2.3x2.3M space vacant) 


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