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            Back in 1995 Guowei (David) Chen began his kayak & spineboard building odyssey in a small company in Ningbo, China. In the two decades that have passed since those humble beginnings, Winner Kayak & spineborad evolved into the orld famous brand name that it is today.

         While Winner Kayak & spineborad is s based in Hangzhou now, it is no longer a small company with a single mould; it is now a state of the art facility. With more than 60 committed full-time employees and another eighty waiting in the wings for peak production time, Winner Kayak & spineborad currently produces over 20,000 top quality kayaks & 20,000 spineboards annually. This is a figure that is still increasing year on year due to the excellent quality and value of the Winner range. The single rotary shell has expanded to a family of moulds that currently Driftwood kayak at 20 and is still growing. The Kayak clan includes a boat for every possible disciple, from sea touring to sit on, and from white water to pool polo. Whether paddling is a personal enjoyment or something you wish to share with others, Winner has the kayak you need to get on the water. So get out there and get paddling Paddle Safe.

Winner kayak:

           All of Winner Kayaks products are made from plastic that are specially designated for production of  kayaks. The LLDPE material is dexterous and durable, and is needed in production of long lasting UV protected kayaks. It is years of research and development on such a purpose made material that enables Winner Kayak to provide at least one year’s guarantee on all of its products. Every aspect of every kayak is pushed to the limit of its endurance and then pushed that extra distance so that you and your kayak’s limits never the twain shall meet. 3.5 millimeters of hull plastic is the optimum thickness for every Winner kayak (with the obvious exception of the polo kayaks). This marries structural rigidity and cartable weight with radical design and groundings to accept the range of equipment that comes as standard from Winner Kayak.

           Winner Kayak has integrated the latest green policy into its production facility. This is not as easy a policy as it sounds like, considering the fact that Winner is one of China's largest plastic manufacturers. Winner has conducted extensive researchs into using recyclable materials, but unfortunately recyclable materials are simply not suitable to safe kayak manufacture. Based on this reality, we have evolved a system to prevent any waste from the manufacturing process. All excess materials from the rotary process are remolded to create scuppers and other associated accessories. Winner is the first plastics manufacturer in China to implement such a progressively green policy.

Finally, before you take the time to wander through the finer details of the catalogue, there are certain factors you have to keep in mind.

Winner Spine board:         
         18 years ago, “spine board” was quite new to most Chinese people but at that time one person called 
Guowei (David) Chen had already found the huge market abroad. He started his fresh business from that time on.

         18 years later, David’s spine board has become a very popular rescue product all over the world. With professional manufacture, top quality and best service, David’s spine boards won a very nice brand name “Winner”.

               Winner’s diligence set up its No.1 position on immobilization equipments as a complete line: spinal board, back board, backboards, plastic scoop stretcher, basket stretcher, extrication device, splinting devices, head immobilizer, rescue can, rescue tube etc for hospital, land and air command post using.

          Everybody here in Winner welcomes all the customers to visit and explore our factory. We sincerely hope our products can reduce terrible pains on people who need first aids.

We supply following products: (fishing kayak; sea kayaks; recreational kayak; touring kayak; sit on top; wood-grain kayak; cockpit kayak; double kayak; randan; kids kayak; rescue kayak; surf kayak; power kayak)+(spine board; plastic stretcher; plastic scoop stretcher; basket stretcher; back board; head immobilizer; rescue can; rescue tube; spider strap etc)

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